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Crackers were pulled and hats were worn as QSA said a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of  25 years in east London. Friends and supporters gathered in Stratford to hear from those who have walked through Homestore's doors as staff, volunteers and customers. What is Homestore?For anyb
Encourage your MP to support the Funeral Poverty Bill
As the national press pointed out this week, funeral poverty is a pressing problem. QSA is campaigning to consign it to the past.
Heather Kennedy reviews the latest findings on UK funeral poverty and sets out QSA's agenda for tackling the issue. 
Funeral Poverty: we give down to earth advice. Report out today shows that many are surprised by funeral costs, and instead of shopping around to find a less expensive option will borrow money from friends and family, sell possessions or go into debt. It does not have to be that way. Our proj
Read all about our work in the past year here, in our latest annual report.
Moneytalk Bournemouth, a new financial education project, funded by JPMorgan Chase Foundation, is getting ready to work with residents in Bournemouth area to get them talking about money, and it's impact on their daily lives.  Moneytalk Bournemouth will work with local organisations to help resident
Quaker Social Action is running a campaign to tackle funeral poverty across the UK. Almost people struggle to pay for a funeral – costs have risen by 80% since 2004 and the average funeral now costs £3,456. At the same time, government support has been eroded. A funeral is the fourth largest
Work for us QSA recruiting for short term and permanent posts
Visit our vacancies pages to see our latest job opportunities.
The remarkable achievements of the Made of Money project, based in East London have been recognised with a Learning in Families and Communities Project Award in London as part of Adult Learners' Week 14th - 20th June.  Made of Money is a family learning project designed to help parents and childre
Quaker Social Action's Down to Earth team are sharing their experience and expertise this week in a series of events as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week.
Funeral Poverty is 'almost too awful to even want to think about' but that is exactly what more than 30 people did this week at a workshop on  'Facing up to Funeral Poverty'. and Quaker Social Action co-hosted the event with Heather Kennedy, the UK's first dedicated funeral poverty campaigner l
Made of Money and Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership collaborate on pilot pupil and parent financial learning opportunity
Quaker Social Action and Church Action on Poverty seek your help. See below: 
The incredible cost of funerals in the UK was highlighted recently in a news report on Russia Today, noting that funeral poverty has doubled in the past three years. Quaker Social Action has been tackling funeral poverty in east London for over 3 years with the Down to Earth service, helping peopl
The Futureproof team were up early this morning at a business breakfast to discuss how to build the financial resilience of Haringey residents with Haringey councillors, council officers and services based in the borough.      Danielle Walker-Palmour, of welcomed delegates with responsibilities
The Made of Money team shared their experiences of working with young people, parents and families at an event to train teachers to deliver empowering financial education last Friday. The event held at the British Museum and supported by Citi, was  titled " why="" are="" sweets="" by=""
Quaker Social Action is recruiting for an operations manager. Are you ready for a new challenge? The salary is £34,494 and is a full time, maternity cover for 9 months, initially. This is a brilliant opportunity to play a lead role supporting our award-winning anti-poverty projects and services and
Futureproof, Quaker Social Action's financial literacy project, working with organisations across the borough of Haringey with the shared aim of helping residents build their financial confidence and capabilities, just received an extra boost of energy and inspiration. 'Building Financial Resilien
This article appears in the February 2014 edition of The Young Quaker
Today we are proud to unveil an independent evaluation, by Public Perspectives Ltd, of the national work that our project, Made of Money, has done in the past four years.  Made of Money has devised and delivers a course of six workshops to people on low incomes. The course addresses budgeting a
QSA's Homestore features in the latest edition of the Newham Mag, the publication distributed to all Newham residents, encouraging residents to donate furniture. Homestore exists to support people on low incomes who need to buy essential household items without going into debt to do so. Dona
QSA is advertising for a new manager for its award-winning Down to Earth service. Down to Earth assists people on low incomes to arrange a meaningful and affordable funeral.  Down to Earth works in a climate where 1 in 5 people cannot afford a funeral and funeral costs have risen by 70% in eight yea
Quaker Social Action is leading the way in helping people on low incomes manage the unexpected burden of funeral costs. A report by the University of Bath has revealed that the cost of dying (including funeral, burial or cremation and state administration) is £7,622, up 7.1% on the previou
The UK is a nation of worried parents according to participants on the latest edition of BBC Radio 4's Bringing Up Britain, broadcast last night. But help is at hand with Quaker Social Action's Made of Money course, which helps families to tackle money issues. The programme, hosted by Mariella
QSA director Judith Moran used this Thomas Lynch quote as she addressed the launch conference of the Dying Matters awareness week, You Only Die Once #YODO, this morning. Judith explained that the words 'death' and 'money' are rarely used together and when they are, they can make people fee
Quaker Social Action's funeral poverty officer, Heather Kennedy, had a letter published in The Guardian on Saturday 11 January 2014. QSA's work on funeral poverty is informed by our Down to Earth project, which was responsible for QSA being given a Guardian charity of the year award in December
QSA is advertising for a new manager for its award-winning Down to Earth service. Down to Earth assists people on low incomes to arrange a meaningful and affordable funeral.  Down to Earth works in a climate where 1 in 5 people cannot afford a funeral and funeral costs have risen by 70% in eight
QSA's Homestore project was highlighted in the Christmas edition of the Newham Recorder at the end of 2013, featuring an explanation of how the project works for people in need as well as furniture donors. Homestore, which was founded in the late 1980s, serves around 2,000 local households in
Fifteen people from London and the south-east were the first to be trained as facilitators today in a new scheme that will help thousands of young people across England gain money management skills. The project, Skint!, is a partnership between The Scottish Book Trust, Groundwork UK and Quake
Judith Moran used QSA's approach to risk management as an example at the Charity Finance Group's Risk Conference on November 26th 2013.
Quaker Social Action director Judith Moran addresses the Charity Finance Group's  today, sharing a platform with the  's business risk manager, , to explore (or explode?) the myth that one size does not fit all in risk management implementation. Judith Moran shares stories from her own and QSA
Made of Money, QSA's family financial education project has been named as part of the solution to the build up of problem debt in the U.K. 
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People has published a report this week: .  The group, led on this strand of work by Fiona Bruce MP, received written evidence from over 30 organisations, including Quaker Social Action. Staff from QSA's Made of Money project wer

The plight of those suffering financial exclusion in Haringey hit the  headlines today as the Chartered Institute of Housing reported, for the first time, on the effects of benefit capping for 747 families in the borough.

QSA’s Made of Money Women’s Project has successfully completed its pilot period and funding has been secured for 2014. The project works with women accessing domestic violence services in east London. It helps them to gain the skills, confidence and knowledge for financial independence. Staff i
Community passion and compassionate communities are the themes of the new Quaker Social Action 2012/13 annual report, which has been published this month. "We push ourselves to deliver practical, anti-poverty work, of the highest standard, day in and day out, fizzing with the pizzazz of our pass
Haringey Council's magazine, Haringey People, features Futureproof in its latest edition. 
Futureproof, the QSA project working with people in Haringey to help them manage their money, has featured in an article in the Tottenham and Wood Green journal. The project, which is fully funded by Haringey Council's One Borough One Future fund, is working with 500 people in the borough  over 2
QSA is seeking a funeral poverty officer for 2 years (December 2013 to December 2015) to take significant steps to influence policy and practice in both government and in the market to help more people nationally who are struggling to afford a decent funeral. We seek an exceptional person with sig
QSA’s Homestore project, which sells quality used and new furniture at low prices to people on low incomes, is helping to prevent fires and save lives. Research published by the London Fire Brigade has revealed that vulnerable people are 18 times less likely to suffer a fire if they receive a h
The Sun Life Direct Cost of Dying 2013 Survey that was published last week brought funeral costs into the headlines as the cost of dying continues to rise above inflation.  Shaun Powell, manager of the Down to Earth service, contributed to the report. "At Down to Earth we see – through the use of
The cost of dying continues to rise above inflation and has gone up by over 5% in the last year according to the latest Cost of Dying report published by Sun Life Direct today.  The report reveals that funeral poverty has risen by 50% over 3 years and now stands at £131m nationally. One in five fa
People living in poverty may make poorer decisions than wealthier people because poverty uses up people's mental energy, say an international team of scientists whose research was published in Science Magazine this month.

QSA has been shortlisted for a Charity Times award celebrating excellence in financial management

The price of funerals has risen by 71% over the last 10 years and there are now almost 3,000 'public health funerals' every year. Organising a funeral can turn into a financial battle which leaves the bereaved bruised and battered, and all too often facing mounting debts. Down to Earth recently
QSA's Down to Earth project that shines a light on funeral poverty has been featured in The Guardian

Dena Younkin recently visited Quaker Social Action on a short residency from the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. Here is her report, written for the British Council USA blog. 

Quaker Social Action is advertising a new post in the Knees Up team working in community development
QSA shared over seven years worth of experience of working in emotional financial literacy as our Made of Money manager addressed the all party parliamentary group on financial education for young people yesterday.
QSA seeks to fill two development worker positions, working in financial education and inclusion projects
Homelink service forced to close by increasing private rent costs
QSA supports educating primary school age children about money
Knees Up seeks a communication and partnerships volunteer
Made of Money seeks a volunteer administrative assistant.
QSA contributed to the Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission in January 2013. Here is what director Judith Moran said. 
Quaker Social Action is advertising three positions for the new Futureproof project, which will deliver financial inclusion courses to the people of Haringey.

QSA was chosen from almost 1,000 other good causes by a panel of judges for the Guardian because of the achievement of its bereavement project. Down to Earth is a mentor-led project that makes a practical difference to the cost of funerals, supporting people who are often already struggling with debt to arrange an affordable funeral for their dearly departed. 

Homelink project manager, Marike van Harskamp writes about the situation facing many homeless young people in east London who don't necessarily know where they will be sleeping tonight.

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