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Made of Money supports families on low income as they talk, listen and learn about money, avoiding debt and financial distress

Living on a low income is not easy. Debt and financial worry can cause emotional stress and create difficulties in relationships. Most parents will go without so their children don't have to miss out, so telling a child that they cannot have what all their friends have is really tough. 

Simply knowing how to begin to deal with money can be a real problem. 

MoM Home 1 - Father and sonMoM Home 2 - FacilitatorsMoM Home 3 - Interested

Made of Money works with people to prevent financial problems becoming unmanageable, helping individuals and families take control of their money. As well as practical advice around budgeting, saving, credit, and debt, our workshops recognise the other factors that influence us. 

We work with families across east London, helping them explore the attitudes and values that shape their relationship to money. We give them confidence to improve their communication and navigate consumer culture. We also help parents teach their children about money, so helping their children to be savvy and financially astute.

We also train people in community groups, housing associations, schools, and local authorities across the UK so they can use the award-winning Made of Money course in their own communities.

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