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How we work

Our team support local residents to hold a street party and then work with them to plan other positive changes and community activities. Through workshops and other activities, we bring together people who are interested in changing their community and support them as they do so.

Where we work

Knees Up works in small residential areas throughout Tower Hamlets.

How to contact Knees Up

If you would like to get your area involved, please email, or call us on 020 8983 5050.

Knees Up has been chosen as a case study  by Well London: click here to read more.

Knees Up works in areas of densely populated social housing in east London to enable residents to build supportive, active and welcoming communities.

Knees UpWe believe that poverty is not merely material but social.  We believe that the biggest resource a community has is the people within it.

Knees Up knows that when people connect, work together and share ideas, problems are solved, communities get stronger and residents gain resilience.

We do not focus on what is wrong in a community, but on the strengths that it already has. We want to act as a catalyst in the creation of positive, problem-solving, people-led community building in residential areas that others have written off as 'problem estates'.

Our team aims to encourage residents to nurture strong relationships which enable the community to increase its social capital and solve problems together, in ways that, becuase they are organic, will embed themselves and last.  

Knees UpKnees Up reaches out to residents by running a weekly drop-in at an underused community centre. This neutral space provides families and indviduals with the opportunity to meet for the first time and to share ideas for action. These actions include tackling local issues together, supporting each other with day-to-day problems, or setting up a local initiative.

Knees UpKnees Up also helps put people in touch with other local services and organisations by running short-term information campaigns on issues such as healthy eating and mental wellbeing as well as signposting and more intensive one-to-one services to help resients overcome specific problems.

Click here to find out more about the people Knees Up works with.

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