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How we work

Our team support local residents to hold a street party and then work with them to plan other positive changes and community activities. Through workshops and other activities, we bring together people who are interested in changing their community and support them as they do so.

Where we work

Knees Up works in small residential areas throughout Tower Hamlets.

How to contact Knees Up

If you would like to get your area involved, please email, or call us on 020 8983 5050.

Knees Up has been chosen as a case study  by Well London: click here to read more.

Knees Up uses street parties to bring people together on east London estates, building safer, more sociable neighbourhoods

Knees UpWe believe that poverty is not merely material but social; and that the biggest resource people have is their power to make change by working together.  Knees Up is about more than just the fun of a party.  Bringing interested residents together to plan a street party is the first step towards creating a strong and empowered communities.  

Knees UpWe spend months before each party knocking on doors, gathering interested residents and supporting them as they hold their own street party.  Afterwards, we continue to work in each area for a year, providing practical advice and support as people plan whatever actions they want in their own neighbourhood.  Things as small as coffee mornings for the elderly, English Language classes, after-school activities or sports training can make a huge difference to how people feel about their area.  

Knees UpBy going directly to people's doors, Knees Up reaches people who might otherwise have been isolated.  And by using the street as its starting point, we gather together people of all ages, ethnicities, culture and backgrounds.  The experience of working together to create a celebration shows people that change is possible and within their power.

"I met new people at the party. There was a family on the other side, she'd lived here for 20 years and I didn't even know."

Click here to find out more about the people Knees Up works with.

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