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Who we  housed

We  housed single adults between the ages of 18 and 35 years old who were homeless or at risk of homelessness. We worked with people from Tower Hamlets and Hackney, and who have been on benefits or earning a low income.

Homeless and need advice?

You can find other schemes like Homelink through Crisis

More advice on homelessness can be found through Shelter.

Homelink  enabled almost 2,000 single homeless people to find and keep shared homes in the private rented sector between 1994 and 2013

Homelink service

The Homelink service is not currently operating. However, we continue to explore ways that we can support people into housing and we are considering other options to the Homelink service as was. For example, we are considering ways to support social housing tenants who are affected by the bedroom tax.

If you would like further information or are interested in working in partnership with Homelink please contact Ramona Doherty by email

The information below and on connected pages is from our Homelink service and is being kept live in case it is of use to people.

Single homeless people are described as 'non-priority' and fall into a trap: they cannot afford the deposit or rent in advance for a private flat, but they are placed at the bottom of long waiting lists for social housing. From January 2012, this situation has become even more problematic, as individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 years old will no longer qualify for housing benefit on a self-contained property in the private rented sector.

HomeLinkHomelink has enabled people in housing need on low incomes to access rooms in affordable, good quality, shared accommodation. We have helped them to raise a deposit, or offer landlords a rent fund in its place.  In this way, people who otherwise would be living in hostels, or sleeping on the sofas of their friends and families, have chosen their own space in a flat, giving them a fresh start alongside other young adults. 

HomeLinkNothing is more important than a stable, secure place to live, especially if other reasons have contributed to a person's homelessness. Homelink has acted as a mediator between people and the landlord or housing benefit offices, providing advice and support with paperwork and contracts. 

We also offered post-tenancy support, building on people's skills and strengths to help them make a success of shared, independent living and remain in secure accommodation. Just because people have experienced homelessness, this doesn't mean that they're not strong, resilient and resourceful.

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