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Down to Earth reduces the distress of planning funerals on a low income

When someone close to us dies, money is often the last thing on our minds.  However, the average cost of a funeral in London is 3,532 for a cremation or 6,368 for a burial. For someone on a low income, paying that money can be the plunge them into a downward spiral of financial difficulty and unmanageable debt. 

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Down to Earth is an award-winning service that helps families on a low income to cope with bereavement. Those left behind are facing a transition of their own that could have immense implications. We will assist and accompany you to make the necessary arrangements for an affordable funeral.

We work with many agencies in east London who refer clients to us. Our volunteer mentors work with them, providing advice and guidance so the funeral is both meaningful and within their means.

There are four things you can do today to help:

  1. Over the next few weeks, talk to your family about what you want in your funeral. 
  2. Read about some of the people that we help and how Down to Earth works.
  3. Donate now to support Down to Earth help more people in east London to arrange a funeral for their loved ones. 
  4. Sign up for updates from our campaign to end funeral poverty via

The Guardian named QSA as a Charity of the Year in December 2012 for Down to Earth.

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