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Yolanda's story

Yolanda has two young children and heard about Made of Money through her local community centre.
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My financial situation was really bad when I came to Made of Money. It's got a bit better now but it really did make me look at my spending habits - how to better them and how to get things down to a manageable point. They really helped me out on my electric bill thing which was quite steep.  I was no good with money then. It made me more confident with the creditors, it made me more aware that however bad the situation is, there is a way to get out.

On and off I still use the Made of Money spending diary. When it gets a bit hard and I know I'm over-spending, then I start using it. We did a healthy eating diary as well. And that's really good because I do more home cooked meals now. Over the last few weeks I've just started making my own bread, and my kids think I'm the greatest mum! They're only little changes but it's a big impact on the kids.
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