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John's story

John grew up in east London and came to Homestore when he found himself in financial difficulty.
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I was living on the Isle of Dogs in rented accommodation. A friend had a flat but then he decided to sell, and at that point we actually became homeless. So there was myself, my partner and our daughter, we became homeless.

It was really difficult because of the financial situation we were in at the time. We did go back and stay with my dad, my dad helped us out temporarily but it became very stressful there and we had to leave there. It became a bit of an emergency situation at that point. We finally got put in accommodation on the Isle of Dogs.

There was very little furniture there so we needed furniture and I came across Homestore. It was a godsend, it was really was amazing, especially because of the deliveries. The difficulty with us was not having any transport. I don't drive, so there was no way of ever getting any furniture into the house. So when we found out that it was an organisation that had this service it was absolutely fantastic for us.

And the delivery guys are fantastic, they do a really good job. I can't express how great they are. I know they're volunteers as well, many of them, so they've been great. You build up a rapport with these people, they know me and we have a laugh. It's really friendly and informal. They do a very good job.
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