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Quaker n. also known as a Friend, a member of the Religious Society of Friends

We are an independent charity, governed by Quakers, but open to all. There is no religious element to our work, but our commitment to address social exclusion arises from Quaker principles of justice, simplicity, truth and peace.

Social adj. relating to society

Community is at the heart of what we do. We believe that what connects people is greater than what divides them. East London has famously provided a home for generations of immigrants and we are proud to work within such an exciting and unique community.

Action n. the process of doing something to achieve an aim

We run practical, sustainable and collaborative projects. The people we work with are agents of change, not objects of charity. Our role is to equip people with the right tools, in the right way, at the right time, to take control of the issues affecting their lives. 

Our vision is "a just world, where people put people first".

Our mission is to enable people on low incomes in East London to seek solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

To do this we will listen to and respond to the needs of the community, by running practical, sustainable and collaborative projects. We will share our work with others when it is clear that it has the potential to bring benefits to communities outside of our own.

Our values

User focussed: We put people at the centre of what we do. We respect and value our users and listen to what they say.

Inclusive: We respect the dignity, privacy and experiences of the people who use our services. We seek to be non-judgemental and to make our work accessible to under-represented groups.

Professional: We work to provide high quality services that meets the needs of the people who use them. We strive to improve our work and to deliver services of the highest standards.

Accountable: We monitor all aspects of the work we do and the money we spend. We are practical and work in partnership wherever possible.

Creative: We work hard to be flexible and to innovate. We aim to be open and approachable at all levels of the organisation.

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