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This Way Up's Impact

This Way Up ran a pilot project in May and June 2012. There were 12 participants, 11 of whom completed the course. It was a very successful project and delivered significant improvements for participants in a wide range of factors such as general wellbeing, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence.

Here are the highlight findings from participants completing the evaluation:

    100% of participants said the overall project and its specific elements were helpful for them

    91% approval ratings for the whole course

    Average participant scores on the World Health Organisation's Wellbeing Index more than doubled following the course, from 30% (7.6 out of 25) to 62.4% (15.6 out of 25)

    Participants' self-assessed ratings in their ability to set and achieve goals nearly trebled from 22% (2.1 out of 9) to 64% (5.8 out of 9); and in emotional intelligence nearly doubled from 38% (12 out of 33) to 68% (22 out of 33)

Here's a small selection of participant quotes at the end of the course:

"I can't believe the difference it has made to my life, my thinking and understanding of myself and lifeand all in six weeks...I would highly recommend this course to everyone and anyone"

"[The course] helped me see some way forward and putting positive stuff in life."

"Every time I finished a coaching session I felt relieved and very happy, knowing that I was moving on with life and dealing with my emotions better."

Download the full impact report.
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