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How to get involved

If you're interested in taking part in this project, please fill out and return an application form (download here or call us for hard copies).

Who can take part?

Anyone living in East London on a low income who wants to get their lives back on track. There are limited places available, so we'll be choosing people we think would benefit the most from the project.  If you get a place, we'll ask that you keep attending, and stay open to the changes that could start to happen in your life.


This Way Up will be running in 2014 and the dates will be announced soon.

Contact us

To find out more, call us on 020 8983 5036 or email

You can download the This Way Up application form here.

Call or email to book your place!

This Way Up can help you get your life on track if you feel held back by challenging circumstances or difficult past experiences.

This Way UpAll sorts of things could be holding you back from achieving the things you're capable of lack of money, unemployment, past addiction, a criminal record or a difficult family life. If that feels like you, This Way Up can help you find your own resources to take charge of your life, to feel good about yourself, and to plan for your future.

The programme is open to anyone living on a low income in East London.  It combines two powerful approaches:

      Life coaching  one-to-one sessions with someone who's trained at helping you work things out so that you take the driving seat in your life.
      Mindfulness training  a group course that teaches you scientifically-proven skills to make your mind calmer and more positive, so you can deal with whatever life throws up.

Together, these two approaches can help you to
      understand yourself and your mind better your thoughts and emotions.
      feel more confident and strong so that you can handle the stresses and strains of life.
      plan and make decisions better, so that you can take positive steps towards the things you want in your life like getting into work or education, taking up new activities, or having healthier relationships.

In the past two years This Way Up has run as a three-month programme made up of two periods each of 6 weeks, with a break in the middle. Each programme included life coaching and group mindfulness practice. The life coaching consisted of six sessions, each one hour long and taking place every two weeks. The mindfulness group course also took place every two weeks.

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