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Sharon's story

When Sharon came to Homestore, her marriage had broken down and she found herself without a support network in the area.
Waiting at bus stop
The flat I was given by the council was completely unfurnished.  There's no flooring, it's still a cement floor. I wear outside shoes all the time. I had a little pad that I was sleeping on, I was able to get a few things from my previous home. I was separating from my husband, who was emotionally abusive. I took the bed, which I needed because of medical conditions, and I had my computer. That was it. I was basically homeless, I had absolutely nothing except the clothes on my back and no income, because I still hadn't been approved for my disabilities income.

I was told about Homestore by someone in one of the many offices I had to go to in order to sort out my accommodation. I really, really appreciated the service.  They were very fast, they helped me a great deal. I was impressed with the amount of things they had and the prices were fantastic, things I was able to afford. When I first went in I was confused because I wasn't aware of the rules but once I got there they snagged me and started explaining how it worked. So it was fairly, actually very straightforward; she found out that I was new and instantly started helping me and doing everything that needed to be done.
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