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Made of Money's local impact

Made of Money is an award-winning financial literacy programme, that works with parents and families on low incomes. 

In 2012/13 QSA supported over 360 families in east London to improve their money management and communication about money in the home. It equips parents with the skills and knowledge to tackle the pressures that money puts on them. 

"People get put off at the mention of money because it's such a big, worrying issue. It seems so scary. Not having the money to pay is quite shameful, such a dark place. I'd been unwell since 2004 with it, but since doing Made of Money I'm sleeping and dreaming again," said Dainhea.

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We take Made of Money to where families are. In Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington we work mainly through schools and children's centres. We also deliver Made of Money in women's refuges across London (and we train refuge staff to use Made of Money in their day-to-day support work). 

Locally, in 2012/13 we worked with 366 families, including 556 children, to improve their financial capability, well-being and communication skills. 

Yolanda has two young children and heard about Made of Money through her local community centre. Read her story here.

Wayne moved to Walthamstow from Jamaica when he was a child and has four children. It can be difficult to recruit fathers to family learning projects, and Wayne helped our team to get more dads at his school involved with Made of Money. Read his story here.

Made of Money's national impact

Our national training programme has shared this approach with over 300 people in local organisations across the UK trained to use Made of Money to benefit their local communities.

"Going on the Made of Money national training course for facilitators was invaluable really and I would recommend anyone to do it," says Mike. I was very pleased with it and I got more out of it than I had expected."

1700 people were helped across the UK through trained facilitators
During 2012/13 facilitators who have been trained to use Made of Money in their work helped over 1,700 people with Made of Money. And this is just the people that we know about. 

In the past year we trained 124 people from 53 organisations to become Made of Money facilitators, bringing the total over the past four years to almost 400. We trained facilitators from Manchester, Belfast, York, Gateshead and many other place from around the UK. 

Nationally trained facilitators came from across the UK

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