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Knees Up's impact

Knees Up uses street parties and community workshops to bring people together to transform their neighbourhoods.  We work on a different estate in Tower Hamlets every year, a diverse borough with huge disparities between rich and poor.  We reach out to over 600 households, some of whom benefit from Knees Up's support to go from feeling isolated and lacking in confidence, to becoming forces for positive change in their community.

Knees Up bunting

"There was a lot really on our chest, like where we had nothing, no one to talk to about it. And then when Knees Up came, we were able to get off our chests what we really wanted to say. So it was really good, it's more relaxing, I'm not so stressed and worried about what's going on. I don't feel so intimidated about walking out the block, so it's all right." Tracey

323 people attended Knees Up events

In 2012/13 Knees Up worked with residents of the Mansford Estate in Bethnal Green. Knees Up doesn't just walk alongside local residents; it enables them to walk alongside their whole community. During the year 323 people attended Knees Up parties or large-scale events. 

"I have met more of my neighbours and really enjoyed being outside with my children," said Fatima. 84% of people said they had met someone new at the parties and 100% said that the events were beneficial for the area. 

One-to-one support meetings helped isolated residents connect to services, access benefits or move through challenging circumstances. 

Knees Up gingerbread

Marie, a single mother with two children, became involved with Knees Up. She and her neighbours worked with our staff to hold a street party in the area, and carried on their community activities with a family film night and an after-school club. Read her story here

Paul, a dad of three, moved to an estate in Bethnal Green shortly before Knees Up started working there. He got involved with everything, from parties and a residential trip with his family to community action meetings. Read his story here.

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