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Homestore's impact

Homestore helps people in a practical way, building up homes without building up debt. Every year, almost 2,000 households come to our Stratford warehouse in Newham and choose furniture which they want at affordable prices. Everyone has a different story, but most often they tell us that the impact Homestore has on them is far greater than just furniture.

"I've got a son. It's made a lot of difference to us. It makes you feel better because you know you're able to afford something - it does something for you personally as well as just getting furniture.  It'd be really hard to think what I'd do to get furniture without Homestore. I wouldn't want to imagine."

In 2012/13 1,881 households bought goods from Homestore

94% of Homestore customers are very satisfied
In 2012/13 1,881 households bought 5,926 items from Homestore and 94% of customers said that they were very satisfied with Homestore. 

Flats in Tower Hamlets
In 2012 a Citizens Advice survey found that three quarters of us believe that our debt is damaging our health. People shouldn't have to suffer debt, anxiety and depression because they need a bed, a sofa or a fridge. 

Homestore is a vital step in helping people to avoid bigger problems and we work with hundreds of other agencies to ensure that those who need our help do get it. As well as Newham, Homestore operates in Barking & Dagenham, Hackney, Islington, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets. One of our partners says: 

"Our service users often enter tenancies for the first time and do not have any other furniture. As they are on benefits/low incomes, they would not be able to purchase essential furniture such as beds without Homestore support, which would also increase the the risk of tenancy failure and a return to homelessness."

John grew up in east London and came to Homestore when he found himself in financial difficulty. Read his story here

When Sharon came to Homestore her marriage had broken down and she found herself without a support network in the area. Read her story here

The 1,523 households who donated 5,467 quality used furniture items to Homestore in 2012/13 are playing an important role in supporting people in need in their local community. Not only that, together they saved over 130 tonnes of unwanted items from landfill. 

As well as kind donations from across east London, Homestore operates thanks to the support of the local volunteers who manage the telephones, show people around Homestore and collect and deliver furniture along with our drivers. During 2012/13 we had an average of 27 volunteers per month. People volunteer for all sorts of reasons. For some it is a stepping stone of experience towards paid work. In 2012/13 nine volunteers left because they had found paid work. 

Quote from a Homestore customer

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