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Homelink's impact

Homelink supported people in housing need who were 'non-priority', and so could not access social housing, to move into privately rented flats. Between 1994 and 2013 Homelink housed almost 2,000 people and kept a steady 90% tenancy sustainment rate. We didn't just make sure people get keys: we were there to support them develop the skills for independent living, find training and employment and make a success of life after homelessness.

Homelink stats 2012/13
In 2012/13 the decision was taken to close Homelink. Between 1994 and 2013 Homelink helped 1,846 people to find homes. Homelink clients are being forced out of cheaper areas because housing benefit is 40-50 per week less than the cost of renting. This is far too large an amount, out of benefits or a low wage, to top up the rent. Despite this, Homelink worked with 126 people during 2012/13. 

"You get to a point where you're desperate. I've got a lot of drive but at the beginning of this I was on my knees. I was living in a basement. I was barely eating. I honestly believe if you've gone through some of the stuff I have, if you're not really a strong individual or something like Homelink isn't about, you're gonna go and do some stupid stuff."

Leon lost his temporary contract as a housing support officer at around the same he was served notice by his landlady. Without money for a deposit and high rents he became part of east London's hidden homeless. Read his story here.

Our Homelink service was closed in 2013 but we are continuing to explore ways that we can support people into housing, including partnerships with other organisations. If you'd like to know more about this or think that your organisation could work with us, please contact Ramona Doherty by email

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