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About QSA

Quaker Social Action exists to resource, enable and equip people living on a low income in east London. Our projects work towards our vision of 'a just world where people put people first', recognising the people we work with as agents of change not objects of charity.

Made of Money

We work to tackle social exclusion, seeing poverty as not just material but also social. Our work is practical, relating to the everyday needs of the people we work with to make a tangible difference to their lives. Our award-winning project Homestore enables low income households to furnish their homes without getting into debt, while Homelink, our rent guarantee scheme, was the first project in London to provide non-priority homeless people with access to the private rented sector. Unfortunately, over 15 years on, we had to take the decision to close Homelink in 2013.  

Down to EarthAfter 145 years working in east London we have seen how poverty affects the lives of individuals, families and communities. We are creative in how we approach need. Down to Earth supports people through the difficult and rarely discussed issues which come with planning a funeral on a low income.


Our work is innovative and preventative and has recently been endorsed by New Philanthropy Capital for its preventative approach to financial exclusion (click to see report). Made of Money educates families and young people, encouraging parents and children to listen, learn and talk about money and its impact on their lives. 

Knees UpWe are motivated by the people we work with, inspired by their stories and driven by their needs. Knees Up facilitates community development and cohesion. Using the celebration of a street party as a catalyst, Knees Up enables residents to identify the change they want to see in their community and supports them to make that change.

We put people at the centre of what we do, striving to find practical and creative solutions to the problems which affect people living on a low income.

Read more about what we do and who we have helped with in our annual report.

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